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Mobile acoustic vocal booth, (AVB4) is a portable walk-in audio recording studio that gives you immediate acoustically treated room anywhere you set it up. It is great for a single voice over actor to use for book narration etc. The booth is made out of VocalBoothToGo acoustic blankets, 80% sound absorption (NRC 0.8) Noise dampening is approximately 10 dB.

FAN in last photo blows air into the booth. It is not included in the package. You can order it as a separate product here:

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Product detailed description

Testimonial of acoustic material used, for this VocalBooth


Since I have been using your acoustic blankets, the sound is much better than using the Whisper Room (a brand of soundproof acoustic booth that costs thousands of dollars). Acoustic blankets provide the clearest professional sound possible. The noise level in the studio is now only around -73 dB and thanks to VocalBoothToGo.EU I absolutely do not need to equalize the sound any further. I don't have a box sound like the Whisper Room or VicBooth users have in their recordings, but a nice thick and warm sound.

I have recommended you to some of my friends who are having problems with their professional vocal booths, so that they can try the blankets.


Summary of product features - see below for individual details.

Obrázek1Our Voice-over booths do not have to serve only as a recording studio, but thanks to the great absorption of sound, they can also isolate you well from the surroundings. It is the reason why larger sizes AVB are widely use to reduce noise and improve comfort when playing or recording sound for electronic as well as acoustic drums.

Suitable for VoiceOver, ADR, dubbing, audiobook recording, etc.

UntitledFor recording VoiceOvers, dubbing and audio books, you need to have both microphone and space with good acoustics.

You can easily buy good microphone and recording equipment, but building a vocal booth from boards is essentially a waste of money and time. Such a solid booth cannot be easily reassembled, while an AVB VocalBooth booth can be easily and quickly disassembled whenever you want.

Whenever you get work order, you can easily and quickly unfold AVB, you load everything you need and fold AVB again, or you can take it anywhere with you.

Recording inside AVB eliminates the echo and resonance that your room can create.

You can sing, rap and you can feel like to be in a professional studio

Obrázek2The moment you come up with an amazing verse or chorus for your new single, you exactly know, how you can sing it, the nearest studio or acoustic-treated room with a microphone might be far away, closed,  occupied or you're a poor student who can't afford the rent and by the time you get to a professional studio, that enthusiasm might be lost. That's a great pity.

The Acoustic Vocal Booth (AVB) can always be ready to record your idea. It can be in your room, living room, basement, garage, attic, anywhere, or it can be folded up in a closet and be waiting for you to fold it up and get it ready to record within 10 minutes.

Having a room without unpleasant reverb is not only important for the recording itself, but it also helps you a lot when practicing the technical aspects of singing, because you are not disturbed by unpleasant  reflections of especially high tones from the walls of the room.

In order to your recordings don't sound like they come out of a box


Here it is quite simple explanation of how the boxy sound is created: If you build your own Voice-over booth without special knowledge, for example out of wood, the acoustic foam is attached to a solid surface, all hard surfaces are reflective. And because the acoustic foam does not absorb all the sound that hits it, the remaining sound is reflected and returned to the microphone, and because it does not absorb most of the frequencies around 300Hz, the effect of the so-called "boxy sound" arises because it is the amplification in the area of this frequency that creates this feeling.

Our AVB Vocal booths do not have a "boxy sound" because the sound waves that are not absorbed can pass further into the room where they are refracted and on the way back they are absorbed again and thus the frequencies around 300Hz that create the boxy sound are not amplified.

So if you say to yourself that you'd rather build your own solid cab made of wood, not to mention that it will take you a huge amount of time, money, etc., then, in addition, if you don't have special acoustic experience with building such a solid cab, you won't be happy with the sound at all in these solid cabs because the effect called boxy sound is created.

How to record musical instruments with clear sound

kytara_womanEvery stringed instrument you can get your hands on you can handle better than Brian May?

Strings are your life and your biggest role model is Joshua Bell?
Does your daughter love the Saxophone more than Lisa Simpson?
Or do you just need to mic up your friend's guitar combo?

Then the AVB acoustic cabine is what you're looking for, it absorbs sound and thus creates the ideal acoustic conditions inside. Using cabs with VocalBoothToGo sound blankets is a cheap and reliable way to improve the sound when recording and practicing instruments and guitar combos even in your own home, and as a bonus by enclosing yourself inside you can relieve your neighbours or people in the next room by up to 10dB, for this reason they are very popular with electronic and acoustic drummers.

The most important thing is the acoustics


It is important to remember that the most important thing when recording sound is the acoustics, you can have a professional expensive AKG C414 XLII microphone with a Focusrite sound card but if you don't have a good room acoustics your investment in microphones was useless, whereas if you have good acoustics the results will be significantly better using a simple USB microphone like the RODE NT USB than if you record with a pro AKG C414 XLII microphone and soundcard in a room with a lot of reverb and resonance.

And it's the acoustics that our AVB Voice-over booth helps you with, whether you use it for vocals, VoiceOver, ADR, dubbing, instruments recording or guitar combos, you'll always get the perfect studio sound. It can be stowed away in a closet or taken with you.

Ideal for TV and Radio reporters in the field

recording_womanThe work of TV or radio reporters in the field is demanding and to get quality VoiceOver to recorded material can be problematic due to the very poor acoustics of hotel and rooms, but with AVB's VoiceOver Acoustic Booth you can always be ready to finish VoiceOver in studio quality.

The AVB cabs are lightweight thanks to the aluminium frame, and even with the sound blankets they weigh only 19Kg (AVB3), for transportation purposes the frame and acoustic blankets have their own carrying bag so you can easily transport them in the boot of your car along with other equipment and they can be ready to use anywhere, anytime within 5 minutes if needed.

So no more reverberation, echo or boxed ("boxy") sound in your hotel room or home bothers you when recording VoiceOver for your next report.

TIP: If you are looking for an even more mobile solution check out VOMO by clicking here...


Why are VoiceOver acoustic booths good?

Obrázek1Unless the room is completely filled with stuff, the sound waves reflecting inside a room cancel each other out at certain frequencies or, conversely, reinforce each other, and this makes it much more difficult to record sound because not only, there is an unpleasant reverberation (echo) in such a room, but also there are unpleasant resonances that can be heard during recording, and it is not only about recording, but also any practice of singing or playing musical instruments is inappropriate in such a room because you hear the distorted sound of the room.

To acoustically modify an entire room you need expertise and a large budget in the tens of thousands.

But why modify the whole room, waste resources and space, when you can use an Vocal booth, which eliminates these phenomena and guarantees a clearer recording without reverberation and resonance of the room in any space and takes up only as much space as needed.

And when you use our VocalBoothToGo acoustic booths you can pull them out only when needed, fold them up within 5 minutes for use and just as quickly disassemble them so the room can serve another purpose.

Soundproofing vs. Absorption

Obrázek6The AVB booth, equipped with VocalBoothToGo sound blankets, absorbs sound to create the ideal acoustic conditions inside for your recording or practicing. This does not mean that you will not be heard outside, the blankets absorb a large amount of sound up to 10dB depending on the frequency, but they are not "soundproof", so a larger part of the voice or the sound of the musical instrument will be heard in the surroundings, as well as a larger part of the ambient noise will be heard inside, although again depending on the frequency the noise will be attenuated by up to 10dB.

But if you are looking for a solution not only for the best acoustics but also for soundproofing you need a soundproof acoustic booth, which we also manufacture and sell - you can see all sizes in the SPB category by clicking here…

Quickly assembled and disassembled

AVB-frame-assembly-vocalboothNo Vocal or VoiceOver booth for microphone recording or practicing vocals and instruments can be assembled and disassembled as quickly as the AVB acoustic booth.

The frames of all models from any manufacturer have to be assembled from individual components, or screwed or glued together only the AVB has an aluminum frame that is in one piece, lightweight, compact and can be assembled and disassembled without any tools in 3 minutes.

See for yourself and watch a video on how to assemble AVB acoustic cabs by clicking here...

Quick installation with acoustic material

Obrázek12Fitting the frame with the acoustic panels and connecting them is simple and reliable, the roof of the vocal booth just needs to be folded over the top of the frame and tensioned.

For hanging, thicker Velcro strips are sewn on the top part and Velcro strips are sewn on the longitudinal part to connect the acoustic panels together.

See for yourself and watch a video of how quickly the acoustic panels are fitted by clicking here...

Comfortable entry and exit

zipp_AVB3,AVB4Entrance to the acoustic booth is equipped with a massive zipper, which guarantees convenient and quick connection of the acoustic panels so that you can quickly enter or leave at any time.

This is important so that sound reflections or room resonances don't get to you or "noise" doesn't get out, which happens when you have a basic vocal booth or a booth made with your own hands where you have no zippers and the acoustic panels are not perfectly connected.

See for yourself and watch a video on how you can quickly seal yourself inside by clicking here...

Frame construction - roof

Obrázek5The base of the aluminium frame is the roof, which uses the so-called scissor construction, thanks to its shape and capabilities it was possible to integrate the legs, which do not need any additional cross connecting pipes, thanks to which the whole frame with legs can be folded into a very small, lightweight package and disassembled in a moment. This scissor construction ensures that the entire Voice over cabin is very strong, stable and variable.

Legs (adjustable height)

4_polohyA fixed part of the aluminium frame are the 4 extendable legs, which can be extended to 4 different positions depending on how high you want your Vocal Acoustic Cab to be at that particular location. The locking mechanism for each position is very simple and you don't need any tools to adjust the height of the booth, just your finger.

No gluing or screwdriving (no tools required)

Obrázek4The frame of the AVB Vocal cabin does not need to be joined, glued, screwed or otherwise assembled in any way after delivery in order to stay firmly and stably in place. Just unpack the frame from the supplied bag, pull out the 4 extendable legs, unfold and everything clicks into place and you don't have to measure or think about anything.

Once you're done with the frame you just push the buttons, the frame releases and you just easily fold it up again, put it in the included bag and hide it in a corner or load it in the car and you're done.

Likewise the acoustic blankets, which hang and connect using strong Velcro and in the entrance using the sliding zipper you know from your jacket only bigger and robust.

Acoustic material of the booth

mceclip0-8VAll surfaces of this acoustic vocal booth (AVB) are covered with the same material used for our very popular sound blankets, these have a laboratory measured NRC value of 0.8, which means they have the ability to absorb up to 80% of impact sound over a wide range of frequencies.

These acoustic blankets are filled with a heavier layer of recycled cotton fibre with 30% polyester, which increases flexibility and conservation of shape. The outer fabric is a high quality polyester.

Health safety:

viruses-bacteria-fungi-Square  Theconstruction and acoustic materials used for the construction of this booth are health-safe, so you can spend long hours inside recording Voice-over, singing or practicing it without worrying about your health.

Be aware that this is not a given, for example, many people make their own VoiceOver acoustic booths and put mineral wool, glass wool or other unspecified materials in them, unfortunately, recent research shows that both mineral wool and glass wool can cause lung cancer and untreatable chronic obstructive lung disease and you definitely don't want to spend time in such a booth.

Sound absorption, better than acoustic foam

Deky vs Akustické peny

Using VocalBoothToGo acoustic blankets is the cheapest and most reliable way to create an Voice over booth for your recording, practicing or noise reduction, as they can absorb sound very efficiently - according to laboratory tests, a value of has been measured 0,8 NRC and if you wanted to achieve the same sound absorption values with acoustic foam you would have to choose full acoustic foam 7cm wide or acoustic foam with needles at least 12cm high and these are much more expensive options, These have to be laboriously glued together and for Vocal and Voice-over cabs this is not enough because by gluing acoustic foam to a solid board you just amplify the frequencies around 300Hz and thus create a "boxy sound" (sound like in a box) and the only way to get rid of this is to choose an even significantly wider acoustic foam, which is again much more expensive and such a wide acoustic foam significantly reduces the space inside the booth.

Ventilation system

Obrázek3When recording inside any acoustic booth, it can get a bit hot for extended recording sessions. That's why it's also a good idea to think about a ventilation system that will bring fresh air into the booth, for this we recommend getting quiet fans directly from our company VocalBoothToGo along with a speed controller and a tube (Muffler) that will ensure that the fan is outside the booth so that you only bring in fresh air and not the noise that any fan, even the quietest one, creates.


washin_machineThe greatest thing about the AVB acoustic Voice over booth is that you can take off the walls and roof and put them in a large enough washing machine and wash them, just like you wash your t-shirts, the blankets don't need any special care, they just need to be put in the dryer after washing so that all the inner fibres dry nicely and no moisture stays inside.

You should probably take the acoustic blankets to your local public laundry because there are large industrial washers and dryers.

Being able to clean a Vocal booth like this is not a given. The normal booths you find on the market or the ones you build yourself are filled inside with acoustic foam that cannot be cleaned in any way to wash, and even over time spontaneously disintegrates and needs to be replaced.

White inside

whiteThe AVB Vocal booths are completely white inside, including the roof, which makes you feel much better inside the booth because the white colour visually increases the space and thanks to that even in the smallest version 100x100 you don't feel cramped and it's definitely much more pleasant than if the walls were in some dark colour like black colour.

Window for better feeling and communication

windowAVB voice-over booths have one or two vinyl windows integrated depending on the size you get, the window is good for increasing comfort inside the booth because the window makes you feel less cramped in the booth and makes it much easier to communicate with the sound engineer who is outside the booth without having to go outside.

Acoustic booth roof - plenty of headroom


The acoustic roof is long enough to cover the entire scissor roof structure and sits precisely on the fully extended frame, which looks very good.

Thanks to the scissor construction of the roof, the acoustic material is completely supported, so the roof is not drooping, it does not fall on your head and you have plenty of space even when you are tall, in addition, the height of the roof of the entire AVB booth can be adjusted with telescopic legs to several positions, and thanks to the longer roof it is possible to loosen the side sound panels and raise the entire acoustic booth higher and you are still completely covered inside the booth without gaps in the acoustics.

You can see the details in the video tutorial on how to assemble the AVB Voice-over booth by clicking here...

LED light 

In the package is included a longer 75cm LED light with a pleasant working colour temperature of approx. 4300 K and a milky filter to prevent glare, the light is strong enough (500Im) to illuminate entire booth so you can comfortably see your text or script.

The LED light is a high quality aluminium construction specially designed not to emit any electromagnetic waves that would interfere with the sound of your microphone.

It comes to you with an universal termination for connecting a power adapter, which we are able to supply in several versions for 220-240V  with EU or UK termination and for 110V with a US sustainable termination.

Technical specifications


  • Total weight: AVB4 = 26 Kg
  • Exact outer dimension at maximum extension: (HxWxL) (AVB4 223x120x120)
  • The frame can be adjusted to several heights: 197cm, 205cm, 214cm, 223cm (for calculating headroom - subtract 24cm)
  • Frame colour: silver elox
  • Acoustic cabin exterior colour: Black with white stitching
  • Acoustic booth interior colour: All white
  • Frame weight alone: AVB4 7.8kg
  • Frame material: Aluminum including two center cross joints
  • Acoustic panels material: filling 70% cotton with 30% polyester, outer fabric 100% polyester.
  • 1x Silent LED bar light included

Package content

  • 1x Aluminium frame
  • 1x Acoustic panel with window (AVB4 1x)
  • 1x Acoustic panel without window (AVB4 1x)
  • 1x Roof acoustic panel
  • 1x Silent LED bar light included



Instructional video:

CLICK here to see

Instructional text:

CLICK here to see


MikeDelGaudioMike delGaudio (I teach people Voice Over)

Use the AVB series when you can't have a permanent Vocal Booth: in your home, office, on the road, anywhere. You can assemble it in a few minutes, and whenever you want, you can disassemble it again and move it somewhere else and re-erect it. How easy.

You can unfold the frame to the max. In the corners you will find a button to unfold the frame legs. A locking mechanism secures the position. Preferably at your neck height to make folding comfortable. The acoustic panels hang with Velcro fasteners. You zip the last panels together. Then you fold the roof over. You get inside and spread your legs as far as you can, one by one.

Watch this testimonial as VIDEO click here


BhavBhav Parmar (Voice Over, online learning, UK)

The Vocal Booth To Go AVB3 has been a real treat for my work as a VoiceOver artist. It offers plenty of space for all my equipment, a solid design that fits beautifully into any workroom, and of course plenty of room to perform!


SoundOnSoundMagazineSound on sound magazine (The world's best magazine on recording and music technology.) 

Vocal Booth 3x3. We'll show you a demo. Let's go inside. It's a very noisy environment out there. Let's look at the differences. We'll zip the booth shut. Inside, we can hear each other better and communicate much better.

Watch this testimonial as VIDEO click HERE


TimTippetsTim Tippets (professional voice actor, voice coach, VO technical guru, guitarist, rockstar, producer)

I'm very tall, and yet I can fit inside the AVB3 cabin. It's good for travel. According to the tester, the sound inside is much better than in a hotel room. Thumbs up.

Watch this testimonial as VIDEO click HERE



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