Sound blankets in the studio "KCD Czech fan dubbing"

With our blankets you can also go back to the Middle Ages!

245799662_2925451091053511_1196365761704782588_nWe are happy to announce that our acoustic quilts are making medieval digital history!

Some of you are not only sound and video experts but also avid computer gamers. If you're one of them, you'll be familiar with Kingdom Come Deliverence. Recently, two fans - Artur Komňacki and Marek Pilger decided to prepare a Czech dub. Thanks to them, Jan Přeučil and Daniel Vávra, among others, will lend their voices to the characters in the game.

Instead of acoustic foam they decided to use producers choice sound blankets. Which do not have to be glued to the wall, they are mobile. They are more efficient and you get more surface area for a smaller price.

Since the beginning of August we have been working on the dubbing of the whole game for PC, whether we will hear the dubbing on consoles is still in the stars.


How does it look in the Czech dubbing studio.


You see, you don't have to glue sound blankets anywhere difficult. If you decide to buy a VB70-G / VB72-G or other blanket, your recording corner can look as beautiful as the photo above. You don't have to cower in a pitch black dungeon reminiscent of a medieval dungeon. To record individual voices, the dubbing studio chose a high-quality AKG C414 XLII large-diaphragm microphone with clear and crisp professional sound.

Sound comparison without and with Sound blankets

Marek Pilger sent us how it sounds in their studio without and with acoustic blankets... You can compare the difference yourself in the audio recording below.

If you really want to hear the difference in sound you need to use headphones or studio speakers.