Big purchases will pay off


Need to soundproof or improve the acoustics in your recording studio and wondering where to save?

Thanks to the new quantity discount, you no longer have to worry about the price.

Up to 20% discount is available by entering the code in the shopping cart.









 Quantity discount codes:

CODE: 6-4-10  is  10% discount - Available from 381 euros

CODE: 12-4-15 is 15% discount - Available from 834 euros

CODE: 18-4-20 is 20% discount - Available from 1350 euro


PS: The quantity discount applies to acoustic blankets only:

SB-VG - 203x203cm one side white the other black

VB70G - 200x200cm one side white the other black

VB71G - 200x200cm both sides black

VB72G - 243x200cm one side white the other black

VB73G - 243x200cm both sides black

VB76G - 300x200cm one side white the other black

VB77G - 300x200cm both sides black

DNC-W - 100x235cm both sides white

DNC-B - 100x235cm both sides black

WNC-B - 100x180cm both sides black