Do reflection filters work? Are they worth it? the pursuit of high-quality audio recordings, reflection filters have become a favorite tool of many recording enthusiasts and professionals alike. These devices promise to improve vocal clarity and focus by reducing unwanted reflections and ambient noise. However, their effectiveness is more than doubtful. This article aims to shed light on the reasons why reflection filters may not always be the ideal solution for achieving optimal audio recording quality.

Incomplete acoustic treatment

While reflection filters can help minimize reflections directly hitting the microphone (albeit very little), they do not address the overall acoustic properties of the recording environment. Reflections from the floor, ceiling, and other surfaces can still affect sound quality, leading to coloration and uneven frequency response.

 They take up a large part of the view

Due to their nature, they occupy almost all of your view in front of the microphone, and you have nowhere to put your text. This can be a big problem, especially when recording VoiceOver

Cost Effectiveness

Reflection filters can be a significant investment, especially when considering high-quality options. For individuals with limited budgets, allocating resources towards other aspects of the recording chain, such as a better microphone or acoustic treatment may yield more noticeable improvements in overall audio quality. 


A great and especially functional alternative to reflection filters is our VOMO portable acoustic booth, which will provide your microphone with protection from all sides and is made of the most acoustically suitable materials.


While reflection filters can be useful tools in certain recording scenarios, it is crucial to recognize their limitations. Consideration should be given to the specific needs of the recording environment, the desired sonic characteristics, and the available budget.


Unfortunately, they are often pointed to as miracle pieces of equipment that will improve your recordings many times over, which is definitely not true and there are plenty of much better alternatives on the market.