EXPERIENCE WITH: acoustic blankets SB-VG

Hello, look at photos and some useful informations from customer: Marten Jansen from Belgium.

Upravená fotka2I hung up 2 sound blankets SB-VG on Flex tee stand. These sound blankets SB-VG have velcro so that I wrapped them around T-bar which is upper part of Flex tee stand. They are holding greatly around it I can them even fold and take of the stand. And wrapp them again. I can prolong the stand to maximum height. They will hold again. It is useful for moving because when I decided to give them behind video recorder I can shorten Flex tee stand and move with it and then hung up again with velcro SB-VG blankets.

Flex-Tee stands

If you would like to build such a fast video recording studio with great sound, here are links to the products you need:

FTS-alongside Flextee stands, on which acoustic blankets were hung

Akustic blankets SB-VG, but you can use any other acoustic blankets from VocalBoothToGo.EU

And how does the SB-VG acoustic blanket differ from other acoustic blankets? Only because the SB-VG acoustic blankets have extra velcro. All our blankets have grommets into which you insert the hooks.

Hang the acoustic blankets on the hooks for the FlexTee stands, which are included in FlexTee stand. package. Don't worry if you lose any hooks over time. You can buy them HERE:

If you have any question, write on our e-mail: support@vocalboothtogo.eu