Hello, look at photos and some useful informations from customer: Pablo José González Provost from Spain.

Suitable for Voice Over

EchoFree_100x150_vocal_booth_2„ I am not professional Voice Over Artist. So I am amateur. I decided to buy ECHO FREE 150 ACOUSTIC VOCAL BOOTH from VocalBoothToGo.eu to work on Voice Over projects“

Reducing reverberation

„I installed vocal booth and gave inside two lamp lights to see better when I close inside.

NOTE: You can buy profesional LED light tube in our shop HERE – our light don’t add any noise to the microphone like other LED light sourcers can do.

Reducing Noise

To avoid sounds from the street I covered windows with SonicVoid 2600 which are double layered and they make it for me to exact size which i need.


EchoFree_100x150_vocal_boothWith this ECHO FREE 150 ACOUSTIC VOCAL BOOTH I get perfect reduction of reverberation. - Reverberation disappears.

The noise from the street has dropped to a minimal level so that I can record and I am satisfied.

If you also want to record your voice over like Pablo José González Provost from Spain And have perfect recordings without reverberation, get one of our acoustic booths HERE, which we make in different sizes.

And if you want to reduce the noise from the street, you can also have us, like Pablo José González Provost from Spain, make SonicVoid 2600 acoustic curtains tailored exactly to your windows to prevent noise from penetrating. More information HERE. If you have any question, write on our e-mail: support@vocalboothtogo.eu