How to play a musical instrument and not disturb the neighbors?


Don't want the neighbors to be forced to listen to 2 hours of your workout? They even complained about you and now you can't even exercise at home?

Fortunately for you, there is a solution!

Our soundproof double-wall booths are perfect for exactly these purposes.

Specifically, we tested the SPB33D booth, but all D-type, double-walled booths achieve the same noise reduction properties.


We invited a friend who plays the saxophone over to do the test.


We placed the microphones in the room next to the one our friend was playing in, this room demoed the neighbor's apartment. He played first in front of the booth and then inside the booth.


Although we only tested the saxophone, you can achieve very similar results with other similarly noisy instruments.


And how did it all turn out? Well, we were happy with the results, judge for yourself here: