How to reduce ambient noise and solve the reverberation?

How to reduce ambient noise?

I go ordinarily to my favourite Wolťák Karel for a friendly chat, run up a few stairs, shake his right hand and there is no indication that Karel is a gamer who is going to try it online.



With a wave of his hand, he points me in the direction of his room, where we're supposed to play games for a while. Already from the doorway, VocalBoothToGo.EU acoustic blankets tower to the ceiling, mounted on film spacers such as Manfrotto autopole. I enter the room and see up close that the sound blankets are held together by the exact green clamps. I have them too.





Acoustically treated room



My first concern was whether it met his expectations of an acoustically treated room. I could only read satisfaction from the slight smile. Without much more conversation, we are sitting in Karel's burrow, and a comfortable silence surrounds us. The sounds of the city are no longer disturbing us, now more important things come up.





Karel describes to me how he got the spreader bars, measured the space and chose the appropriate acoustic blankets for all four sides VB76-G Acoustic blanket 200x300cm and for the ceiling the shorter VB70G Acoustic blanket White/Black 200 x 200cm. All simply clamped to the spacers.

4I don't often go to churches, but to lean over and see such a beautiful ceiling moves you. At that moment, the concept of a party burrow disappears from my mind – perhaps a monastery is more appropriate. 


Karel loves survival games and in such a silent monastery this genre of game excels best. It's not for nothing that our friends say, "Don't run in the woods late at night when there are zombies everywhere!"  

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video producer
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