How to soundproof the door

Nicholas Ibourk from Ireland wrote to us to tell us how pleased he is with the NovaSilence G/V door soundproofing panel. He can give you some advice too.

IMG_1059compress1I purchased 2 x VB2GO NovaSilence G/V  to soundproof the door of a room we are going to rent and really wanted to block as much sound as possible to allow for privacy on either side, so we placed a white NovaSilence G/V off the hallway and a black NovaSilence G/V on the side of the door facing the room.

Easy installation:

IMG_1061compress1 Installation using the provided velcro was really easy and the result exceeded my expectation. We didn´t hear any conversations and quarrels from neighbours. Even loud music would be really hard to notice. I'm really happy with the product.

You can choose to add a hole for the door handle. On request, an additional hole can be added for the lock or door viewer.

I would highly recommend anyone who wants peace of mind at home to try the VB2GO NovaSilence G/V soundproofing in black or white on their door.