Improving the sound space for drums and sound engineers

Read the article by David Juras, who plays drums.


I play in small pubs and clubs. The vast majority of venues have poor acoustics and with ACOUSTIC BLANKET from VocalBoothToGo and a plexi screen, I was able to effectively reduce the noise level coming from my drum kit and reduce the percussion sound reflections in small and large spaces to a much better level."


How I use the vb2go acoustic blanket to enhance the sound space for drums and sound engineers in music halls and clubs?

My makeshift structure for hanging ACOUSTIC BLANKETS consists of sturdy speaker stands and a horizontal adjustable pole. It is important to point out, however, that under the weight of the blanket, my plastic makeshift pole flexes quite a bit. I don't want to improve it now, as I will have a folding structure from a locksmith which I have been waiting for for some time and with its speed I see it for next year. :-)

Combination of ACOUSTIC BLANKETS (ACOUSTIC CURTAINS) placed behind my back and a plexiglass screen placed in front of the drum kit creates an excellent acoustic environment in which the sound of the drums is excellent even in a limited space. This solution has been used successfully when playing at various events, and the sound engineer who sounded us received thanks from the organisers for the exceptional sound that previous sound engineers had not been able to create. For me, an important aspect of these acoustic blankets is the ability on my part to provide the sound engineers with the tools to acoustically enhance my drum kit. Even if the sound engineer has top of the line equipment, having the ability to effectively influence the acoustics of the space will help to greatly simplify his job and help to create an optimal environment for the listeners.



Thanks to ACOUSTIC BLANKETS from VocalBoothToGo.EU, the sound engineer can acoustically improve the production space and thus have a lot less work to do. I myself got a thank you from the organizers for the great sound they didn't have before.

Comment vb2go:

Acoustic blankets are actually ACOUSTIC CURTAINS exceptional high grammage, in normal condition you can buy them with a weight of 1300g per 1m2, but we can also produce a two-layer version tailor-made which has a grammage of 2600g per 1m2, both versions have a huge ability to absorb sound and thus improve the sound of the drum kit directly on the stage.