Plastic holders for blankets

Acoustic blankets perfectly solve my two biggest problems, namely large windows and room reverberation. However, new problems arise, such as how to place the blankets on the ceiling without screwing anything anywhere?

We offer custom grommets

Acoustic blankets are equipped with metal grommets for easy hanging. The bad news is that the grommets are only on the shorter side of the blankets. (It is now possible to add additional grommets to acoustic blankets – you don't need to read any further unless...)


How to place blankets on the ceiling?

...the ceiling is exactly the critical place you want to soundproof and reduce as much reverberation from the ceiling as possible, and that's why there are grommets on the longer side of the acoustic blankets.

Tarpaulin holders

Your second best choice is tarpaulin holders, which I found in home supplies. Right next to them on the shelf were tarp tensioners. Quite cheap things around 70 CZK, so I took more...

Tarp tensioners

A tarp tensioner is a short elastic band with a plastic ball at the end. The elastic band is threaded through the grommet of the acoustic blanket and caught behind the plastic ball, which does not pass through the grommet. Simple, functional, and cheap.



Thanks to the elasticity of the band, it is possible to hang acoustic blankets on various diameters of rods, or thread multiple blankets at once. In my case, I hang the blankets on film extension rods with a diameter of about 5 cm. The bands nicely tighten the blanket to the rod. After two months of hanging, I do not observe any sagging. Acoustic blankets now cover the window much better.



Obrázek3cTo place acoustic blankets on the ceiling, tarp holders with plastic eyes and tightening screws are suitable. Thanks to the screw, the holder firmly "bites" into the blanket wherever you need to place an additional eyelet. Through the tarp holder eye, we can then thread either a tensioner, a carabiner, or a wire. 

So far, I haven't noticed that the acoustic blankets tear under their own weight anywhere. The holders perform well – they hold. The ability to conjure up an additional eyelet gives the blankets new mounting possibilities. 




By combining tensioners, holders, clamps, and carabiners, I created my third version of an acoustically treated studio. I covered the corner of the room with blankets, which improves the acoustics in the entire room. Thanks to the atypical placement, the room itself also looks much larger.






In my studio, I use acoustic blankets measuring 200x300 cm in white/black design. Over time, I plan to purchase five more acoustic blankets, which I will add to the existing acoustic blankets. I will then have two layers and the option to change the reverberation as I please – that's what I hope for.



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