Better location audio RECORDING with VB2GO sound blankets

Most of the time when you come to your clients or shooting on location there is terrible space for recording sound, but now you can take solution with you and easly make shooting space good for recording sound with VB2GO sound blankets.

Don't forget that most important for recording good audio on location is reduce reverberation of the room and VB2GO sound blankets (acoustic blankets) are most effective way how to reduce reverberation of the room easy and for best value.

You can choose between couple of sizes and colours:

Most buy sound blankets by film makers are VB72G just click here to check details...

Biggest size of sound blankets is VB76G & VB77G with size 300cm x 200cm for more details just click here...

To check all sizes, colours and types go to sound blanket shop category just by click here...

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For mor information about sound blankets and testimonials check description of any sound blanket like most sell in EU acoustic blanket VB72G so just click here...

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