We present you our New product - DIY Vocal Booth PREMIUM - metal frame kit

Thanks to this pre-made light weight metal structure you can build VocalBooth (mobile recording studio) for recording voiceovers, singing, dubbing, audio books, musical instrumentes, etc... Even in your studio apartment.

Vocal booth - premium (13)


This completely pre-made mobile VocalBooth (sound booth) frame set made from pipes and connected by metal couplings, you can assemble in 10 minutes and if necessary , you can just as quickly disassemble it and put it away in a corner or take it with you wherever you need to go. The longest pipes in the package are only 100cm long and are again connected to the longer ones with metal couplings.


 We produce them in 5 different sizes:


 The construction with recommended acoustic blankets absorbs sound. This cretes ideal acoustic conditions inside the voicebooth for recording.

 More information can be found at this link: https://www.vocalboothtogo.eu/mobile-acoustic-booths/