How to buy without VAT ?

This metod applies to all EU VAT payers except the Czech Republic.

You may be confused by the fact that the price will not be reduced by VAT for the duration of the purchase, but ... (it is OK)

HERE is purchase process without VAT.:

  • You add to cart what you want to buy
  • Then you go to cart
  • Enter all necessary details like address, your name etc.
  • Then click specify company details - here you must enter your VAT number and our system recognized that you want buy without VAT, but in the cart you will still see - Total price to pay with VAT - it is OK
  • Don't worry and finish your order by clicking on FINISH ORDER 
  • Normally at this time you are redirected to payment gateway to pay order, but because you want order without VAT you just get information that we receive your order.
  • Now you need to wait couple of minutes for emails, where you get all instruction needed to allow payment order without VAT
  • As a second email you will receive e-mail Reverse charge 1 where we will asking you that: ,,We need from you proof of VAT registration in your country"

When you send us the document's, we will check it out on VIES website, and if it is OK we will send you e-mail Reverse charge 2, where you can pay your order without VAT.


PS: If you are from country which is not in the EU you can also buy our products without VAT but before you make order please consult with us by email:


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