Acoustic curtain

The purpose of these types of curtains is to reduce the reverberation (echo) in the room where they are placed. Reducing reverberation is particularly useful if you have an empty room and the sound in it is highly reflected, or it is useful to reduce…


Sound absorption

Describes the ability of materials to absorb sound. When we talk about reducing reverberation within a room, we are always referring to sound absorption. In other words, the sound that is reflected from walls, ceilings and floors or from furniture…

Sound blankets

Sound blanket is panel which you can hang in your room for better accoustic and soundproofing  

Soundproof curtain


The abbreviation "SPB" is from the English words "Sound Proofing Booth" and means soundproof booth, it is a product of VocalBoothToGo company which is designed for recording sound without ambient interference or for practicing or recording the sound…