EchoFree 150 acoustic vocal booth - 100x150x200cm, eliminates reverberation, tube steel frame

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Size 100x150x200cm - (metal tubes & coupling) Everything needed to build an acoustic booth (mobile recording studio) to record voiceover, vocals, dubbing, audio books, musical instruments, etc...

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Product detailed description

Video review of EchoFree acoustic Vocal Booth

Testimonial of acoustic material used, for this VocalBooth


Since I have been using your acoustic blankets, the sound is much better than using the Whisper Room (a brand of soundproof acoustic booth that costs thousands of dollars). Acoustic blankets provide the clearest professional sound possible. The noise level in the studio is now only around -73 dB and thanks to VocalBoothToGo.EU I absolutely do not need to equalize the sound any further. I don't have a box sound like the Whisper Room or VicBooth users have in their recordings, but a nice thick and warm sound.

I have recommended you to some of my friends who are having problems with their professional vocal booths, so that they can try the blankets.


Summary of product features - see below for individual details.

vocal-booth-with-combo-person (1) (1)

This set contains everything you need to build a complete acoustic cabin of 100x150cm.
The cabin is of tubular construction, connected by metal couplings. Thanks to this, you can assemble it in 10 to 15 minutes and, if necessary, you can just as quickly disassemble it and put it away in a corner or take it with you wherever you need to go. The longest pipes in the package are only 100 cm long and are again connected to the longer ones with metal couplings.


P1120356The used uniform size of the screws will make it easy to assemble the entire structure - you only need one Hex key, which is included in the package and you can start assembling immediately after unpacking.



Metal thin-walled pipes Ø 28 mm coated with synthetic resin guarantee strength and premium appearance.
The pipes are surprisingly non-slip during installation thanks to the resin they are coated with.
You will appreciate that they do not get cold in the hand and are not heavy.

Pipe coupling

P1120351-lThe couplings have excellent workmanship.
They are black color and fit perfectly with the pipes, so assembly of the whole construction is very simple and can be done by one person without help.
The bolts and nuts are color-matched to the couplings.

Acoustic blankets included

vocal-booth-without-roof-02 (1) (1)

Dear customers, the blankets are included in the package, so you don't have to search for them on our website and think if you have put the right type and if there are enough blankets. This is the SB-VG model in three pieces.

Tailor-made roof

roofIn the package you will also find a perfectly fitting roof that fits exactly on the cab frame. Once fitted, you will achieve perfect acoustics inside the cab. We have it stitched by us in the Czech Republic.

More headroom

Vocal booth - premium (9)To keep the vocal booth roof from falling in, we've added a brace to the top of the frame that you connect with metal coupling. The sound blanket on the top is thus sufficiently supported and you have more headroom. And when packing, we add assembly instructions (by email).

Soundproofing vs. Sound absorption

vocal-booth (1) (2)

The structure fitted with the recommended blankets absorbs sound.
This creates the ideal acoustic conditions inside the vocal booth for your recording.
That doesn't mean you wouldn't be heard, the sound blankets absorb a lot of sound, but they are not "soundproof", so some of your voice or music instrument will be heard outside od sound booth

If you need a soundproof Vocal booth, you can find here: Mobile SoundProof Sound Booth - Solo (SPB33)

Improve acoustics when recording with a microphone

vb-kytara You can have better acoustics or a clearer recording. Use the complete acoustic booth to record vocals, dubbing, audio books, beat-boxing or rap. You can equally use it to record guitar combos or musical instruments such as strings, brass and percussion.

Technical specifications

  • Weight: 27,5 kg
  • Dimensions: 202x95x145 cm (HxWxD)
  • Material Pipes: Thin-walled steel Ø 28 mm (surface coated with synthetic resin)
  • Material Couplings: 20x metal 
  • Blanket material: cotton/polyester blend
  • Pipes color: Grey
  • Couplings color: black 
  • Blankets color: one side black, the other white.


Package contents

  •   3x - SB-VG Producer's Choice sound blanket
  •   1x - Premium Acoustic Roof (customized)
  • 10x - thin walled pipe 100 cm
    •   2x - thin walled pipe  95 cm
        •   4x - thin walled pipe  85 cm
        •   4x - thin walled pipe  32 cm
          •   6x - "T" corner coupling
            •   4x - „L“ corner coupling
              •   16x - „I“ coupling
                •   2x - hook coupling
                  •   1x - Hex key

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