Acoustic blanket VB70G – White/Black 200 x 200cm, acoustic panel for audio & film production

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Color: White/Black, height: 200cm, width: 200cm, 8 Grommets, weight per 1m2: 1300g/m2, size: 4m2, weight: 5,1Kg

Introducing the high-quality, versatile Acoustic Panels (acoustic blankets) from VocalBoothToGo. The Sound Blanket VB70G is designed to enhance the audio quality in various settings such as voice-over recordings, music production, DJ rooms, office spaces, and film production. These acoustic panels are perfect for both professionals and amateurs looking to improve their sound quality.

Don't settle for subpar sound – invest in the Sound Blanket VB72G Acoustic Panels today and experience the difference that acoustic blankets can make in your audio and film production projects.

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Since I have been using your acoustic blankets, the sound is much better than using the Whisper Room (a brand of soundproof acoustic booth that costs thousands of dollars). Acoustic blankets provide the clearest professional sound possible. The noise level in the studio is now only around -73 dB and thanks to VocalBoothToGo.EU I absolutely do not need to equalize the sound any further. I don't have a box sound like the Whisper Room or VicBooth users have in their recordings, but a nice thick and warm sound.

I have recommended you to some of my friends who are having problems with their professional vocal booths, so that they can try the blankets.


Summary of product features - see below for individual details.

Color: White/Black, height: 200cm, width: 200cm, 8 Grommets, weight per 1m2: 1300g/m2, size: 4m2, weight: 5,1Kg

VocalBoothToGo acoustic blankets are designed to improve acoustics in a recording studio, DIY vocal booth or home recording studio by absorbing sound reflections and make audio recording such as Voiceover, Singing, recording musical instruments clear and ready for post-production.

The acoustic blankets also work very well for YouTube or any another video studios, music production studios, DJ rooms, Drum rooms, office spaces, large film and video production halls, concert halls or any other untreated space with lots of reflections, where you need to remove echo, reverberations and improve the sound of both, recording and music production.

VIDEO review of sound blanket by: DSLR Video Shooter

For more video reviews about sound blankets click on the VIDEOS tab.


On the 200 cm side you will find 8 grommets that you can use for easy installation. The grommets have a nickel color with a hole diameter of 1.27 cm.


VocalBoothToGo sound blankets are filled with non-toxic recycled fibres made from a 100% pure recycled cotton with about 30% polyester added to keep the blankets thick and fluff. Thanks to this unique filling they have a great ability to absorb sound. Surface material is a high-quality polyester fabric.

Sound absorption

Using VocalBoothToGo Schallabsorber (sound blankets) is the most effective and most reliable way to remove echo and get clear sound when recording with a microphone, improve speech intelligibility when communicating, or reduce noise and control the sound in a drum room by reducing reverb.


As you can see in the top graph, when the blanket is hang straight, the absorption from 400Hz is 0.8NRC which means that the sound blankets absorb 80% of the sound.

If you install the sound blanket hang pleated with 15cm waves, you achieve an even higher sound absorption of 0.95NRC from 300Hz.

If you wanted the same results with acoustic foam you would have to use full acoustic foam 7cm wide or acoustic foam with needles at least 12cm high and these are much more expensive options and need to be permanently glued to the wall!

Suitable for DJ and production studios

VocalBoothToGo Akustikplatte (sound blankets) are a great way to turn an empty room into a good sounding studio for DJs or music production very cheaply and quickly.


It's also a very good and cheap way to create a barrier against the noise that comes from a drum kit, loud singing, playing a musical instrument and so on, simply to relieve your neighbors or the people in the next room, but here it is worth remembering, that sound blankets are not soundproof but absorb sound so that it does not reflect further, this makes the sound you hear or record with a microphone much more detailed and more clear and therefore when the sound is absorbed less of that sound passes further through the wall.

Great for video and film 

In case you are recording interviews, movies or any video where spoken word, musical instruments or singing is recorded, you need to record this sound as best as possible and especially without reverberation of the space and for this acoustic blankets are perfect because you can easily take them with you on every shoot as they can be easily folded, You can easily unfold them or hang them on stands, which are usually everywhere during filming, and you will significantly improve the sound of the video, which will get a professional touch.

Reflects light

You can also use the VocalBoothToGo Schallabsorber (sound blanket) as a light reflective board, shine the key light directly on the white side of the blanket and it gives you even softer light. Or place sound blanket with the white side next to you to create reflective surface and then you don't have to use another light called (fill light).

Absorbs light

When filming there are usually a lot of lights everywhere, but sometimes you need to absorb the light from a certain direction or create a darker space where the monitors will be and for this you can also use our double-sided black sound blanket, which beautifully absorbs the light from a given direction and at the same time significantly improves the acoustics of the shooting space.

Blackout and sound insulation

You can also use the VocalBoothToGo sound blanket as a high-quality window blackout, which also reduces outdoor noise by up to 10dB.

Suitable for office use

These sound blankets are also useful for use in offices and commercial spaces, as the reduction of reverberation and significantly improves speech intelligibility, so you will be able to understand your client much better. You can put the blankets on the wall or if you have high ceilings, you can hang them from the ceiling and make acoustic ceiling.

Acoustic solutions for large spaces

And last but not least, sound blankets can be used in large halls to reduce reverberation and create a comfortable space for recording or reproducing music, singing, spoken word, etc., because thanks to their high efficiency and low cost you can cover large spaces and create good acoustics cheaply and quickly. You can simply hang the large multi-meter panels from the ceiling or screw them to the walls of doors etc. .

Other applications

As you can see, there are a lot of options for using the sound blankets from for sound absorption, soundproofing, acoustic treatment and it's definitely a much better and cheaper way than using acoustic foam.

Increase efficiency

If you want to achieve even better results we recommend leaving a gap of approximately 8 cm between the wall and the sound blanket, this air gap will make them even more effective.


VocalBoothToGo sound blankets can be washed in a washing machine (we recommend using an industrial washing machine or laundromat, because the sound blankets absorb a lot of water and get very heavy when wet.) Unlike acoustic foam, that cannot be removed from the wall and cannot be washed, you can take the acoustic blankets off, throw them in the washing machine, dry and hang them up again. (You can't do that with acoustic foam stuck to the wall).


NOTE: Use regular amount of detergent. You can wash on high heat settings (60°). To dry the sound blankets, use high heat tumble dry. Place only one blanket at a time for better results. It will take about an hour to dry one blanket.


Sound blankets have parallel stitching approximately 5 cm apart. This allows the inside fibers to expand and make the blanket thicker, also keep its shape and the filling does not move inside. If you buy the version, one side is white and other side is black, the stitchingis is white thread.


NOTE: When you first receive the acoustic blanket, it might appear thin. That is because they are pressed to expel all the air out of them in order to reduce the shipping volume and save your money on shipping. To restore the thickness – take them to a laundromat and tumble dry it at high heat for about 12-15 minutes. The sound blanket will come out about three times as thick as they were before. Also, they will expand naturally over time but tumble dry makes this faster.

Technical specifications of the VB-70G

  • Colour: One side black, the other white.
  • Grommets: 8 evenly spaced grommets on 200 cm side with a hole diameter of 1.27 cm
  • Quilting: Parallel, 5 cm wide, white thread.
  • Noise reduction coefficient: NRC 0.80 (hang straight) absorb 80% of sound
  • Noise reduction coefficient: NRC 0.95 (hang pleated) absorb 95% of sound
  • Noise reduction coefficient: NRC 1.0 (double layer) 100% Noise reduction 
  • Dimension: 200 cm (H) x 200 cm (W)
  • Weight per 1m2: 1300g/m2
  • Weight: 5.1 Kg:

Please note: VocalBoothToGo sound blankets (acoustic blankets) are utility products specifically designed for functionality, you may find slight imperfections that do not affect their sound absorption capacity. Examples may be the material which might have folds and crevices in the stitching, the dimensions might be 5 -6 cm off the advertised dimensions, binding might be folded when stitched and minor needle marks on the material can be expected. Also, please be aware that the blankets are not “soundproof” they are „sound absorptive”, meaning that the sound loses its energy while going through the blanket. Covering reflective walls will block reverberation and reduce overall sound energy in recording studio.


GIANT DIY Sound Blanket Panels For Better Audio and Lighting!

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L Avatar of author | 10/03/2023
I'm using the blankets to help control the reverberation while recording some guitars in my studio. They are working great.
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JS Avatar of author Hluk 21/07/2022 08:01
Dá se použít i k pomoci odhlučnění z přilehlé silnice? V ložnici nás ruší auto ze přilehlé silnice a zajímalo b nás zda by toto do určité míry ztišilo tento hluk.
TS Avatar of author Hluk-odpověď 21/07/2022 08:51
Dobrý den, ano hluk to ztiší, velikost útlumu ale hodně záleží na tom jak moc dokážete okno utěsnit naší akustickou dekou, protože pokud to pověsíte jako závěs a necháte mezi zdí a závěsem mezery tak bude hluk sice nižší, ale stále bude pronikat těmito mezerami, pro dosažení nejlepšího výsledku bych asi doporučoval dát na zeď suché zipy a tyto suché zipy také nalepit na akustickou deku tak aby akustické deky byly co nejblíže zdi.