VOMO - Portable VocalBooth for professional Voice Over Actors and Singers

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VOMO - mobile voice over vocal booth

Solution to your acoustic problems on the road is finally here!

The VOMO, Portable Vocal Booth for vocal recording on the road, provides affordable studio-quality sound control in almost any environment.

Designed and engineered with voice actors in mind, the VOMO now helps elevate the sound quality of vocalists and voice actors everywhere.

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30day money back Guarantee
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Product detailed description

VOMO - portable voice over vocal booth is for professional Voice Over Actors and Singers alike!

 “For YEARS I have been trying to find an inexpensive and portable solution to the perfect recording environment. When I stumbled across your portable recording booths, I thought THIS IS IT! This is the answer that I have been looking for this whole time!” (Charlette)

VOMO has distinct and undeniable advantages over other portable vocal booths:

  • It provides great reliable acoustic performance for audio recording;
  • It has the most spacious interior space when open for work;
  • It folds small for transport, and can be carried on the plane as carry-on luggage
  • It comes with essential accessories for you to record on the road;
  • It is very versatile and can be used as a desktop, mic stand mountable, tripod mountable etc.
  • It allows you to work with your favorite microphone and does not limit your choice.
  • It is large enough to comfortably fit in a laptop, tablet or script.
  • The 360 degrees Surround Sound Isolation Hood is INCLUDED! Which eliminates any echo that can come from the back.

 VOMO is a complete Voice Over recording booth that gives you 360-degree acoustic treatment anywhere you go. It consistently delivers great acoustics in any environment.

This is the only one portable vocal booth on the market that can accommodate practically any microphone that you use:


Check our Microphone Compatibility Page and see for yourself.

Yes, we are not going to list specific models of microphones, because you can use any type or size microphone with the VOMO! Front address, side address microphones, SENNHEISER, RODE, COMICA, NEUMAN, SCHOEPS microphones or any other...

The VOMO Carry-On Portable Vocal Booth for vocal recording includes:

  • Sound Absorbing Portable Vocal Booth with Stronger Nylon Outer Case and Support Base
  • Script Holder (for Phone, Tablet, Smartphone, Notepad)
  • Mic Stand Mounting gear.  (for Standing up operation). The mounting gear can also be assembled and used as a table-top mic stand on its own.
  • Accessory pouches are located on booth sides for easy access.
  • Sound Isolation Hood (for 360 degree acoustic treatment)
  • LED noiseless clip on table light on a flexible goose neck stem. The light has several level of brightness. Comes with USB cord to recharge the battery (power adaptor is not included)
  • Mini Boom (To adjust your microphone in the booth for best sound recording)
  • Closed Dimensions are 60cm Wide x 55cm Deep x 15cm Tall
  • Dimensions open: – 60cm wide x 55cm Deep x 50cm tall .
  • Weight – 7,7 kilograms

Because we know that VOMO will go with you on a plane and on a train, on a hike and on a bike, rain or shine and you want to keep it nice and clean  –

We included this outside dust and rain protective bag for FREE


As you can see VOMO is a complete Voice Over recording booth that gives you 360-degree acoustic treatment anywhere you go. Because we include a Surround Sound Isolation Hood – it is the only product on the market that consistently delivers great acoustics in any environment and you can get BEST studio quality sound without building an actual recording studio.
Cover hood for VOMO provides 360-degree sound control:
No, the hood DOES NOT rest on your head – it is supported on its own support rods, so you can freely move your head even when you are under the hood!

The thicker support table provides more reliable support when the booth is mounted on a mic stand. Our new tripod (sold separately) can be used sitting or standing.

VOMO produces a reliable and consistent acoustic environment wherever you go. Now you can travel and still make yourself available to do recordings for your clients anywhere.

Free yourself while keeping those important clients. We dare you – Take a vacation!

VOMO Instructions


Contact us to discuss your needs.

*VBTG Mic and Travel Stands Shown Sold Separately*
See customer testimonials here.

Note: You may notice a tight fit of the mic stand mount. This tight fit of the base is intentional, because it creates better hold of the top portion of the vocal booth to the base table. This tension, or rather lack of slack between table and the cover is crucial for the VOMO to stay straight when the hood is on. It might seem like the hole needs to be further up, and yes it does create small struggle with the material, but then it pays off when the unit is assembled.

For tips on setup, watch our Instructional Video

For written assembly instructions, Please Click Here


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DD Avatar of author | 26/04/2022
Thanks to this portable Vocal booth i can record my Voiceovers for my videos like in the recording studio but just in my room without make any expensive and destructive changes in my room to make sound better. And when i am finish i can easily and quickly unfold this vocal booth and put to the closet ready for next use or i can take with me.

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