Window sound blanket WNC-B, Black 100 x 180cm, double-layered window sound insulation

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Color: Black/Black, height: 180 cm, width: 100 cm, 4 Grommets on the 100cm (top) side and 2 on the bottom corners, panel will hang down 180cm, NRC – 0.8. ( 80 percent noise reduction)

The Window Sound Blanket is made out of Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets, which is widely used by drummers, voice actors and others in audio and music industry for acoustic room treatment and sound absorption in recording studios.

The Window Sound Blankets is doubled up to increase noise reduction.

  • Color : Black
  • Size : 100 x 180cm
  • Weight : 4,5 kg per blanket.
  • Absorption efficiency : NRC 0.8 ( 80% Sound absorption)
  • Grommets : 4 grommets pre-installed on the 96cm side, and 2 extra grommets on the bottom corners.

Detailed information

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30day money back Guarantee
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Product detailed description

Black/Black, 4 grommets on the 100cm (top) siP1170542de and 2 on the bottom corners, panel will hang down 180cm • Noise reduction coefficient: NRC 0.80 (hang straight) 80% Noise reduction

We have created a double-layered sound insulation for your windows, also known as producers’s choice window sound blanket, window acoustic blanket, window noise control cover and so on. 

Do you need to reduce noise coming from a window or a passageway?

Encouraged by the success of our Door Sound Blanket, we created the Window Sound Blanket.Sound

If you experience issues with noise coming through the windows the first thing to do is to seal the gaps around the frame and make sure the window is shut tightly. Then hang the Window Noise Control blanket, flush with the window frame, to significantly improve the sound transmission loss. Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets used to make the Window sound blanket have been professionally lab tested in a sound lab to absorb 80% of noise (NRC 0.8). Our Window Sound Blanket also completely blocks the light coming through the window to help you sleep better.


Sound insulation for home and studio use

If you have a home recording studio, rehearsal room, DJ room or a streaming studio in your home, you do not want your parents or neighbors bang on the door and demand you to stop audio recording!

The double-layered producers choice window sound blanket will help you to ensure you don't disturb others in the house. It dampens sound in the high and mid frequency range. When used properly, it will significantly reduce the overall noise coming through the window.



mceclip1-9Window sound blankets are made from Producer's choice sound blanket material, with enhanced sound absorption efficiency, because they have two layers.

Our window sound insulation walls are filled with non-toxic recycled pure cotton with 30% polyester added for resiliency and to maintain the thickness. The outer fabric is a high-quality polyester.



black_grommet_okFor easy mounting above the window frame, window sound blanket has six grommets, 4 evenly spaced on the top 100 cm side and two more grommets in the lower corners, all with a hole diameter of 1.27 cm. 




mceclip6-1Producer's choice window blankets can be washed in a washing machine (we recommend to use an industrial washing machine or laundromat, because the window blankets absorb a lot of water and get very heavy when wet.) Unlike acoustic foam, that cannot be removed from the wall and cannot be washed, you can take the window blankets off, throw them in the washing machine, dry and hang them up again. (you can't do that with acoustic foam stuck to the wall).

NOTE: Use regular amount of detergent. You can wash on high heat settings. To dry the window blankets use high heat tumble dry. Place only one blanket at a time for better results. It will take about an hour to dry one blanket.




Producer‘s choice window blankets for have parallel stitching approximately 5 cm apartallows the inside fibers to expand and make the window blanket thicker, also keep its shape and the filling does not move inside. If you buy the version, with both sides black, the stitching is done with pure black thread, so the whole window sound blanket is nicely black.

NOTE: When you first receive the window blanket, it might appear thin. That is because they are pressed to expel all the air out of them in order to reduce the shipping volume and save you money on shipping. To restore the thickness – take them to a laundromat and tumble dry it at high heat for about 12-15 minutes. The window blanket will come out about three times as thick as they were before. Also they will expand naturally over time but tumble dry makes this faster.

 Technical specifications of the WNC-B

    • Color: Both sides black
    • Grommets: 4 evenly spaced grommets on the 100 cm side and two more grommets in the lower corners with a hole diameter of 1.27 cm
    • Stitching: Parallel, 5 cm wide, black thread
    • Sound absorption coefficient: NRC 0.80 (straight fit) absorbs 80 % of sound it is not mean that is soundproof
    • Dimension: 180 cm (Height) x 100 cm (Width)

    • Weight: 4,5 kg

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support at: support@VocalBoothToGo.EU

Please note window blankets are utility products specifically designed for functionality, you may find slight imperfections that do not affect their sound absorption capacity. Examples may be the material might have folds and crevices in the stitching, the dimensions might be 5–6 cm off the advertised dimensions, binding might be folded when stitched, and minor needle marks on the material can be expected. Also, please be aware that the window blankets are not “soundproof” they are “sound absorptive”. Window blankets are NOT treated with fire retardant chemicals and are not fireproof.


















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