VB2GO Acoustic curtains, Blackout curtains and soundproof curtains

If you need to reduce echo (reverberation) in a room, to prevent light or noise penetration, you need VB2GO acoustic curtains, which can be hung on a pre-attached structure.

The advantages of VB2GO acoustic curtains, blackout and soundproofing curtains:

  • They have a high weight per 1m2 which is 1300g/m2 or 2600g/m2.
  • Best price/performance ratio
  • Do not have to be glued like acoustic foam panels
  • Can be easily removed at any time
  • Several colours and fixing methods
  • Bespoke sizes and tailor-made
  • Sound absorption: 10-25dB (depending on weight per 1m2)
  • Thermal insulation: 20-40% (depending on weight per 1m2)
  • Blackout: 95-100% (depending on weight per 1m2)


VB2GO SonicVoid 1300 - Acoustic blackout curtain (soundproofing) 1300g/m2, 12mm grommets, curtain rod rings included
from €36,80
DeNoise PRO 1300 all color
from €97,60
DeNoise 1300 all black Soundproof curtain acoustic curtain blackout thermal curtains
from €58,50
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VB2GO SonicVoid 1300 - Acoustic blackout curtain (soundproofing) 1300g/m2, 12mm grommets, curtain rod rings included
from €36,80

12mm grommets spaced at 15cm intervals.Hooks and rings for garnish up to 25mm diameter includedDensity of the sling is: 1300 g/m2Sound absorption: 10-15dB (depending on weight...

Code: 475/ONE
DeNoise 1300 all black Soundproof curtain acoustic curtain blackout thermal curtains
from €58,50

40mm grommets spaced at 20cm intervals.Density of the curtain: 1300 g/m2Sound absorption: 10-15dB (depending on weight per 1m2)Thermal insulation: 30-40% (depending on weight...

Code: 490/110
VB2GO SonicVoid 2600 - Acoustic blackout curtain (soundproofing) 2600g/m2, 12mm grommets, curtain rod rings included
from €73,70

This is a double-layer version of the SonicVoid curtain 1300, so it is labeled 2600.12mm eyelets spaced at 15cm intervals.Hooks and rings for curtain rods up to 25mm in diameter...

Code: 478/ONE
DeNoise PRO 1300 all color
from €97,60

This is soundproof curtain that gets its elegant look from the classic blackout fabric designed specifically for curtains, which is also fire resistant, the soundproofing and...

Code: 503/110
DeNoise 1300 all black Soundproof curtain acoustic curtain blackout thermal curtains
from €103,90

This is a double-layer version of the deNoise curtain 1300, so it is labeled 2600. 40mm grommets spaced at 15cm intervals.Density of the curtain: 2600 g/m2Sound absorption:...

Code: 500/110

What are the types of window curtains you may encounter and how do the different types differ.

Soundproof curtain:

This type of curtain is mainly used to prevent the penetration of noise into the room through windows and sometimes even doors, in order for the curtain to be called a curtain preventing the penetration of noise it must have a huge weight per 1m2 and at least 900g per 1m2, if it does not have such a weight per 1m2 it is not a soundproofing curtain but it is an acoustic curtain. Therefore if you are looking for a curtain that will help you against noise look for one that has as much weight per 1m2 as possible.

Soundproofing curtains are usually made of several layers of molton sewn together, but we produce soundproofing curtains in a different way, by sewing a special health-safe filler between two layers of fabric and thanks to this our curtains achieve a significantly higher weight per 1m2.

Don't forget that the heaviest curtain rods can weigh up to 2900g per 1m2 and make sure your curtain rod can support that weight before you buy.

Please also be aware that even if you buy the heaviest baffle curtain and just place it in the window without sealing the gaps between the curtain and the wall, you will lose much of the soundproofing effect, because the noise doesn't go through the curtain, but it does go through the gaps between the wall and the curtain, so we recommend using a system to press the curtain as close to the wall as possible when it's pulled so that the sound doesn't go through the gaps between the wall and the curtain.

Due to their high weight and thickness, soundproofing curtains also serve as acoustic curtains, thermal insulation curtains and blackout curtains.

Acoustic curtain:

The purpose of these types of curtains is to reduce the reverberation (echo) in the room where they are placed. Reducing reverberation is particularly useful if you have an empty room and the sound in it is highly reflected, or it is useful to reduce reverberation when recording video content and talking or playing musical instruments and listening to music. For a curtain to be classed as acoustic, it must have a high weight, at least 300 g per 1 m2, but even that is still very little. It is best if a curtain has more than 1000 g per 1 m2, because the more weight per 1 m2 the curtain has, the more it absorbs sound and the more it reduces sound reflection, and that is the key to better acoustics.

It is also much easier to communicate in a room with acoustic curtains because the voice is clear and distinct without reflecting off the walls, which is appreciated in corporate consulting rooms, for example, but also at home during family gatherings or normal conversations. There are many ways of using acoustic curtains and VocalBoothToGo acoustic curtains are the perfect and effective solution for you at a low price because our curtains have a weight of 1300g but also 2600g and more grams per 1m2

In addition, due to their higher weight, acoustic curtains can serve as thermal insulation curtains and, depending on the fabric and filling used, can also serve as blackout curtains in some cases.

Blackout curtain:

These types of curtains have an additional invisible special black layer inside or are heavy and dense enough to block light from entering the room. Blackout curtains allow the room to be completely darkened, which is especially useful in situations where you need to sleep in complete darkness or during the day, work during the day, or enjoy your favorite movie to the fullest even during the afternoon without disturbing light from outside. Blackout curtains are usually very lightweight at around 250g per 1m2 because light penetration is simply a matter of sewing an impermeable fabric as a barrier, but if you want to prevent sound penetration or improve acoustics it is not so simple. If you are looking not only for blackout but also for soundproofing or acoustic improvement then VB2GO deNoise or SonicVoid curtains are for you.

Thermal insulation curtain:

In order for a curtain to prevent heat from penetrating into the room, the total mass and density of the curtain per 1m2 plays a big role, so basically, the greater the mass of the curtain per 1m2 the better its thermal insulation properties will be. If you choose to purchase a curtain that meets the parameters of a thermal insulation curtain in front of your windows or doors, you will fundamentally reduce the amount of heat escaping from the room. This measure will result in significant savings in heating costs, while ensuring a more comfortable environment without unwanted noise and at an optimal temperature.

VB2GO curtains are extremely effective not only in blocking noise penetration through windows and doors, but also have an excellent ability to minimise heat leakage due to their high density per 1m2 of up to 2900g.