Shipping price & time

How do you find out the shipping cost to your country?

  • put the goods to the cart
  • proceed to shipping and payment
  • choose your country and currency
  • the system will tell you exactly - how much you will pay for shipping - based on the country and the type of item in your cart

The shipping price is the lowest possible, we don´t charge you anything extra, just what the carrier has set itself.


Product's are already in the EU (Czech Republic) so there is no customs or any additional fee except this products which we are currently stock in UK:
VOMO - Portable VocalBooth for professional Voice Over Actors and Singers
Large Vocal Booth Transporting Duffle Bag


What is the delivery time of the ordered goods to your country?

The delivery time, depends on, where the package is sent.

We have done a little research for you on how long our packages take travel to each countries.
(if you order before 11am we will send it the same day).

These are all countries where we are able to deliver goods at the moment.

  • Austria                                   2-6 days
  • Belgium                                 5-7 days
  • Bulgaria                                    7 days
  • Croatia                                      7 days
  • Czech Republic                     1-2 days
  • Denmark                               6-8 days
  • Estonia                                  5-8 days
  • Finland                                  6-9 days
  • France                                   4-7 days
  • Germany                               2-3 days
  • Great Britain                         6-9 days
  • Greece                                    11 days
  • Hungary                                2-4 days
  • Ireland                                 7-10 days
  • Italy                                        4-7 days
  • Latvia                                   5-11 days
  • Lithuana                                   3 days
  • Luxembourg                             4 days
  • Netherland                               3 days
  • Norway                                7-10 days
  • Poland                                   1-3 days
  • Portugal                               5-10 days
  • Romania                                4-7 days
  • Slovak Republic                     1-3 days
  • Slovenia                                 7-9 days
  • Spain                                      4-6 days
  • Sweden                                  4-8 days
  • Switzerland                               4 days

NOTE: If the delivery time is longer than we state, the problem is with the carrier, so it is a good idea to keep track of the shipment number we have emailed you.

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