Acoustic curtain

The purpose of these types of curtains is to reduce the reverberation (echo) in the room where they are placed. Reducing reverberation is particularly useful if you have an empty room and the sound in it is highly reflected, or it is useful to reduce reverberation when recording video content and talking or playing musical instruments and listening to music. For a curtain to be classed as acoustic, it must have a high weight, at least 300 g per 1 m2, but even that is still very little. It is best if a curtain has more than 1000 g per 1 m2, because the more weight per 1 m2 the curtain has, the more it absorbs sound and the more it reduces sound reflection, and that is the key to better acoustics.

It is also much easier to communicate in a room with acoustic curtains because the voice is clear and distinct without reflecting off the walls, which is appreciated in corporate consulting rooms, for example, but also at home during family gatherings or normal conversations. There are many ways of using acoustic curtains and VocalBoothToGo acoustic curtains are the perfect and effective solution for you at a low price because our curtains have a weight of 1300g but also 2600g and more grams per 1m2

In addition, due to their higher weight, acoustic curtains can serve as thermal insulation curtains and, depending on the fabric and filling used, can also serve as blackout curtains in some cases.