New studio "Vokál" in Brno (Czech Republic next to Germany)


Together in this article, we'll take a look at how studio "Vokál" tackles acoustics in the studio.

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There's a new podcast studio in Brno called "Vokál" (it is same thing like Vocal in english language), a cubbyhole for all the kittens that will throw you for a loop.

The studio is located in the Brno creative hub Kumst. Kumst was created in the premises of the former Favu BUT, which is the oldest non-arts college in the Czech Republic and is located at Údolní 19.


Converting a room into a studio



The boys from Vokál decided to turn a room in Kumšt into a podcast studio and they went about it smart... They took a room that originally served as a music classroom, so they've been doing the hardest acoustic work since the beginning in the Vokál studio, which we call our chicken coop. All the walls in the studio are fitted with acoustic panels, which also give the studio a distinctive style.


The studio has three windows (plus one in the tech closet) overlooking a busy street. As the studio is used for podcasts and video, it is advisable to cover the windows when filming.


For Vokál, acoustic blankets solve both problems at the same time - parasitic light and noise from the street.

Acoustic blankets are targeted to you

Vokál decided to go one step further... he modified his acoustic blankets. They had each acoustic blanket cut by a seamstress and Velcroed to the middle of the blanket. So when you're filming, all you have to do is zip the blankets together. This way the acoustic blankets look better and more home sweet home, which many kittens will appreciate.


Door acoustic blankets as curtains you'll certainly fall in love with



Vokál divided its studio into two parts - dark and light - according to the needs of its customers and the topics of their podcasts. The smaller dark stage is equipped with a door acoustic blanket, which is laid on the ceiling structure - it was already in the room. With the door acoustic blanket, unwanted reverberation can be quickly picked up and placed virtually anywhere in the studio.


As you can see, we've done great thing with acoustic blankets in the Vocal Studio. So the sound blankets serve also as an addition to the studio. Check out the types of acoustic blankets ( and built your own studio.


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