VoiceOver artist as digital nomad

When you think of digital nomadism, you rarely think of VoiceOver. Most of you who are dedicated to VoiceOver know very well that a studio is needed to record a quality VoiceOver.

Such a studio usually weighs hundreds of kilos and is permanently built into the room. It's hard to imagine that you can travel while recording VoiceOver.

It is possible to travel and record VoiceOver thanks to our VOMO portable acoustic booth, check it out here

VOMO weighs only 8KG and measures 60cm x 60cm x 15cm. Thanks to these compact dimensions, it is suitable for travel, so you can record VoiceOver almost anywhere.


Due to the dimensions, it was possible to design a backpack for the VOMO, so it is not a problem to carry the booth over a longer distance.

So it is possible! Are you interested in this issue? Watch our new video on our YouTube channel.